Shady rental agents

So, I know I can’t be the only one that has been lured into the charismatic words of housing agents, please agree.

I remember back in August when my roommates were looking to move country, so I had to change homes and knew that it was going to be another annoying process I had to go through, knowing that I already moved 3 times before that, I thought I was smarter, but it turns out, I was outsmarted.

This was when I returned from my first holiday with my boyfriend in his home town and remembering it was one of the best holidays I had had. Getting to eat new food, getting to know new people, seeing a completely different scenery and listening to a completely new language. I was enticed and not only that, I grew a new and deep relationship with the Sun, I know, yes the sun. It was so hot every day, always sunny and the beach was just the best experience after all those grey toned skies and rain with horrible winds in London.

So as you can imagine, coming back from that was a little bit tough, now I needed to find another room, move my thousand things that I collected in that year and to hire someone to take my things from A to B.

My boyfriend was still on holiday and stayed longer than me, so I was pretty much alone and stressed. Looking day and night, taking viewings every so often as I could around my busy work schedule of around 50 hours a week. Finally, I found one that looked okay, decent. Nothing special, but as soon as I turned up, I didn’t really like or knew the neighborhood but I felt it was a good idea because my boyfriend lived just a few streets down. His home was big and comfortable but when I entered this room, it was clean, the flat was clean and moreover, the AGENT was very nice and promising, (well I thought…) and now nearly 7 months later, I am in a predicament where I cannot even get in touch with them properly.

Every time I call or message, there is no reply. The room and the flat isn’t really that special, his words just changed my perspective and I think that’s very wrong of them but I guess that’s how they make their money. Fair do’s. So I told them, I need to find a replacement because I want to move in with my boyfriend, they said yes.

I found a replacement, I remember him staring at the poor friendly guy that wanted to take my room and I had a very bad feeling. A few days later, the contract was still not sent, then when it was sent the AGENT messaged me and said that the guy sent the details late and that he was being rejected, but of course, he sent everything the day after. The AGENTS were the ones playing around and being di*** if you asked me. Playing with potential and current customers are not good, especially in London.

I remember him saying that his company was amazing and that it was family based, they take very good care of their people lala but that was all just talk to get you, to pay top dollar, to live in a damn old bedroom with other people and having no contact with them.

Of course, there are amazing agencies out there that actually do make the effort. But come on. I don’t understand and what’s worse? WHY ARE THEY CLOSED DURING THE WEEKENDS? When people are free and can actually come and  sign the contract, take viewings and come to the agency office themselves?

I am in all sorts of stress finding a new replacement and this has just hit the tip of the iceberg. No more agencies, and no more extra charges and silly agency fees. It’s over!


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