Is it time?

When you’ve been in once country for over 5 years, you start to wonder and think about other countries that you’d like to experience or visit.

When you know that you’re not happy and stuck in your current life or job, sometimes it’s better to think about changing completely. Whether that’s changing job, learning something new, studying or even moving cities or countries.

Not that I’ve never lived in other countries or continents, but when you’ve been in one place for a long time, you start to wonder what other corners of the world has to offer. It could just be experience, getting to know different cultures or trying the same job at a new place.

Especially when you are single or in a relationship but not tied down to having a family or pets, it’s a great way to get to know each other more and also to experience a different surrounding with the one that you love. It’s more testing than just a holiday, it’s permanence, like another way to see whether that person is the one for you or not.

I am currently wishing and working on trying to move to a different country, the same as my boyfriend. We both love the hot weather, hot seasons and urban yet close to rural surroundings. Imagine working in your dream surroundings. The job or career that you have specialised in or studied in will seem completely different, you  now have an escape route after work, new surroundings, more culture and new things to do and eat. Not that people need an escape every time but knowing that you have one makes positive and to know that there are better times than when you were back in London, in a polluted, small, traffic filled city.

So I think that our clever plan is to go on holiday where we want to move to, apply for jobs after and just see if we like the area, the place, get used to some of the lifestyle there for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure but this could be a crazy way to go about moving house or changing lifestyle completely, but you cannot define life with strict rules just because you’re scared or think its too risky. If you never make a move then you will never progress.


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