Is this a fad?

Have I been suctioned into a fad like lifestyle?

Am I craving a risk taking experience in my life? Now that I think about it, I never thought that I could actually be craving something that has been put in my head.

It’s now the modern world, with lots of first world problems and growing economies. You see thousands of people succeeding daily and you want a piece of that. Either to show your value or show that you are more than the odd 9-5 mundane jobs.

Recently, I mentioned about my lifestyle and career changes. I quit my job and decided to follow my dreams or follow a path to my dreams. I wanted to be ‘happy’, in other words; craving a life that’s not so demanding like my last job.

But after watching TV, I saw that nearly all shows on the entertainment channels were talking about many people become rich at a young age, quitting jobs, following their dreams, making their dreams a fortune, starting businesses… Maybe I just wanted to understand and be a part of that?

After a long thought, I decided no. Since I can remember, I wanted to have my own ‘thing’. Whether that’s a business or being able to be creative on my own terms. It is more noticed now on the news, newspaper, online, television. But that’s only because people’s stories are becoming more pronounced, media has finally allowed for every part of someone’s life to be online. It may now be a crazy because everyone wants to be their own boss and want to do a job that they dream of, but if you think about it, since I was young, I was always told to do something that made me happy. Not just to follow society and get a job that is secure.

The downside to this crazy is that it is a risky one. Yes, there are thousands, maybe millions of people in this world that made a huge success from starting their own business and dreams, but we don’t hear about the unsuccessful stories because they are not as publicised or noted. People aren’t urgently queuing up to tell that they failed or made a mistake in life.

You’ve got to be careful, (I think that’s me speaking to myself), make sure you have enough money saved to take these risks, don’t put yourself into situations where you’re going to hit rock bottom. But like the movie ‘Sing’, Buster Moon said “Once you’ve hit rock bottom, you can only go up from there”. It’s true, but to what extent are you going to make yourself hit rock bottom, you may lose everything and never have a great way of coming back.

Do your research, like I have, I have gone into a new job that’s relative, it’s in the industry that I’ve been professional in and also have a passion for. With great hopes of moving up, getting promoted, it’s a safer way than starting completely fresh in another sector. I am following this new world crazy and free world opportunity and I think if you know to what extent or how far you can go, there will be no mistakes or life threatening risks.

It all depends on how far you are willing to go to do what you love or what you dream about. How far you are going to push yourself, to work more hours, to dedicate more time to this new path you are craving.

It may not be all it seemed at the beginning, less money and less time and not as glamorous than you thought it was going to be, but with more push and more oomph, you will get there. You can only work up from where you are if you are at the entry level.



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