Ice Cream dreams

Recently I changed jobs and decided to work at an exciting, trendy, young and new concept that has come from my country, Thailand.

If you haven’t seen the videos and photos of these ice creams on instagram, twitter, youtube or any other social media platforms, you are missing out.

This amazing concept that uses cream and amazing chocolates snacks and bars, and then rolled into ice cream rolls is something that’s completely different.

I now work for this amazing company, still in London and have not regretted anything since leaving my great job as a Pastry chef in a high end restaurant. I absolutely love it, the pressure is different and it is still sometimes physically straining on the hands but the product that you produce after is amazing.

Please take a look and the flavours are amazing, the company is Pan-n-Ice.

If you want to try and find a new snack to treat yourself to, come and try us out. We have 6 main options and also the option of customising or also bringing your own sweet treats where we will mash and make it into your ice cream creation and dream for you.


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