Ice Cream dreams

Recently I changed jobs and decided to work at an exciting, trendy, young and new concept that has come from my country, Thailand.

If you haven’t seen the videos and photos of these ice creams on instagram, twitter, youtube or any other social media platforms, you are missing out.

This amazing concept that uses cream and amazing chocolates snacks and bars, and then rolled into ice cream rolls is something that’s completely different.

I now work for this amazing company, still in London and have not regretted anything since leaving my great job as a Pastry chef in a high end restaurant. I absolutely love it, the pressure is different and it is still sometimes physically straining on the hands but the product that you produce after is amazing.

Please take a look and the flavours are amazing, the company is Pan-n-Ice.

If you want to try and find a new snack to treat yourself to, come and try us out. We have 6 main options and also the option of customising or also bringing your own sweet treats where we will mash and make it into your ice cream creation and dream for you.


Is this a fad?

Have I been suctioned into a fad like lifestyle?

Am I craving a risk taking experience in my life? Now that I think about it, I never thought that I could actually be craving something that has been put in my head.

It’s now the modern world, with lots of first world problems and growing economies. You see thousands of people succeeding daily and you want a piece of that. Either to show your value or show that you are more than the odd 9-5 mundane jobs.

Recently, I mentioned about my lifestyle and career changes. I quit my job and decided to follow my dreams or follow a path to my dreams. I wanted to be ‘happy’, in other words; craving a life that’s not so demanding like my last job.

But after watching TV, I saw that nearly all shows on the entertainment channels were talking about many people become rich at a young age, quitting jobs, following their dreams, making their dreams a fortune, starting businesses… Maybe I just wanted to understand and be a part of that?

After a long thought, I decided no. Since I can remember, I wanted to have my own ‘thing’. Whether that’s a business or being able to be creative on my own terms. It is more noticed now on the news, newspaper, online, television. But that’s only because people’s stories are becoming more pronounced, media has finally allowed for every part of someone’s life to be online. It may now be a crazy because everyone wants to be their own boss and want to do a job that they dream of, but if you think about it, since I was young, I was always told to do something that made me happy. Not just to follow society and get a job that is secure.

The downside to this crazy is that it is a risky one. Yes, there are thousands, maybe millions of people in this world that made a huge success from starting their own business and dreams, but we don’t hear about the unsuccessful stories because they are not as publicised or noted. People aren’t urgently queuing up to tell that they failed or made a mistake in life.

You’ve got to be careful, (I think that’s me speaking to myself), make sure you have enough money saved to take these risks, don’t put yourself into situations where you’re going to hit rock bottom. But like the movie ‘Sing’, Buster Moon said “Once you’ve hit rock bottom, you can only go up from there”. It’s true, but to what extent are you going to make yourself hit rock bottom, you may lose everything and never have a great way of coming back.

Do your research, like I have, I have gone into a new job that’s relative, it’s in the industry that I’ve been professional in and also have a passion for. With great hopes of moving up, getting promoted, it’s a safer way than starting completely fresh in another sector. I am following this new world crazy and free world opportunity and I think if you know to what extent or how far you can go, there will be no mistakes or life threatening risks.

It all depends on how far you are willing to go to do what you love or what you dream about. How far you are going to push yourself, to work more hours, to dedicate more time to this new path you are craving.

It may not be all it seemed at the beginning, less money and less time and not as glamorous than you thought it was going to be, but with more push and more oomph, you will get there. You can only work up from where you are if you are at the entry level.


Time is limited.

Recently I was awakened.

I was awakened by how short and unexpecting life can be. One minute you have everything, the next you can be snapped out of the moment and you’re back at square one.

I discovered that’s it’s so important not to take life too seriously and not to waste time if you are not enjoying yourself. It’s important to put your happiness first, whether it’s your career or it’s your lifestyle, relationships. You don’t want the last thing you do or the situation you are in to be a regretful memory. You want to be happy and happiness is easy to achieve if you just understand the simple equation, that is; you.

Put yourself first, your body, your state of mind, your future. What makes you happy and what can make your body feel happy in the same way. You can be happy, but if you’re treating your body badly, half of the equation is missing. It starts with you and if you don’t know how to respect yourself, then you’ve set yourself up for disaster.

I was working a job that seemed endless, many of my colleagues are probably arguing that I am still young and that I still have the ‘energy’, but what does that mean? No matter what age you are, the fact that you are tired is not down to age. You may be mentally tired which get’s taken out of your body or maybe your body is feeling tired and diminished from the health and vitamins it needs to feel awake and energised.

In my case, I realised I didn’t love what I was doing anymore or being in a high demanding kitchen. I loved making desserts and learning new things but I realised, doing the same thing every day was taking a turn on my life. Being at work more than being at home or being outside making adventures and learning about life, I was spending it in a kitchen, creating the same dishes day in and day out serving the same customers.
Don’t get me wrong, some people love to do this as a job, but I need a more fun, creative and challenging job. Also to be around people that are positive and helpful, not jealous and two faced. It’s not a good environment to be in.

One day, it just clicked. I was tired, I never wanted to go to work, when I was in work, I didn’t want to be there and was watching the clock hoping it was time to close and leave. I started getting back my panic attacks and getting nervous spells. I wasn’t aware that I was that unhappy but when I started noticing my symptoms I knew that I had to get out.

So over a long thinking period, I decided I needed to leave. So I did.

I took another job and started working at a bakery, yet I realised it wasn’t challenging enough and quit.

The point of that is, it’s not that I’ve become picky or lazy, it’s because I now don’t accept situations that I don’t want to be in. I find myself a happy place and know what I want. A job even that is less demanding and skilled but makes me happy is enough for me.

It’s important, of course to have money, not to be completely risking not paying rent or having enough money for food. Make sure you are secure and then find what you need, whether it’s another job, going back to learn and educate yourself, move countries, or find something that’s completely more challenging than you ever thought imaginable.


Is it time?

When you’ve been in once country for over 5 years, you start to wonder and think about other countries that you’d like to experience or visit.

When you know that you’re not happy and stuck in your current life or job, sometimes it’s better to think about changing completely. Whether that’s changing job, learning something new, studying or even moving cities or countries.

Not that I’ve never lived in other countries or continents, but when you’ve been in one place for a long time, you start to wonder what other corners of the world has to offer. It could just be experience, getting to know different cultures or trying the same job at a new place.

Especially when you are single or in a relationship but not tied down to having a family or pets, it’s a great way to get to know each other more and also to experience a different surrounding with the one that you love. It’s more testing than just a holiday, it’s permanence, like another way to see whether that person is the one for you or not.

I am currently wishing and working on trying to move to a different country, the same as my boyfriend. We both love the hot weather, hot seasons and urban yet close to rural surroundings. Imagine working in your dream surroundings. The job or career that you have specialised in or studied in will seem completely different, you  now have an escape route after work, new surroundings, more culture and new things to do and eat. Not that people need an escape every time but knowing that you have one makes positive and to know that there are better times than when you were back in London, in a polluted, small, traffic filled city.

So I think that our clever plan is to go on holiday where we want to move to, apply for jobs after and just see if we like the area, the place, get used to some of the lifestyle there for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure but this could be a crazy way to go about moving house or changing lifestyle completely, but you cannot define life with strict rules just because you’re scared or think its too risky. If you never make a move then you will never progress.

Shady rental agents

So, I know I can’t be the only one that has been lured into the charismatic words of housing agents, please agree.

I remember back in August when my roommates were looking to move country, so I had to change homes and knew that it was going to be another annoying process I had to go through, knowing that I already moved 3 times before that, I thought I was smarter, but it turns out, I was outsmarted.

This was when I returned from my first holiday with my boyfriend in his home town and remembering it was one of the best holidays I had had. Getting to eat new food, getting to know new people, seeing a completely different scenery and listening to a completely new language. I was enticed and not only that, I grew a new and deep relationship with the Sun, I know, yes the sun. It was so hot every day, always sunny and the beach was just the best experience after all those grey toned skies and rain with horrible winds in London.

So as you can imagine, coming back from that was a little bit tough, now I needed to find another room, move my thousand things that I collected in that year and to hire someone to take my things from A to B.

My boyfriend was still on holiday and stayed longer than me, so I was pretty much alone and stressed. Looking day and night, taking viewings every so often as I could around my busy work schedule of around 50 hours a week. Finally, I found one that looked okay, decent. Nothing special, but as soon as I turned up, I didn’t really like or knew the neighborhood but I felt it was a good idea because my boyfriend lived just a few streets down. His home was big and comfortable but when I entered this room, it was clean, the flat was clean and moreover, the AGENT was very nice and promising, (well I thought…) and now nearly 7 months later, I am in a predicament where I cannot even get in touch with them properly.

Every time I call or message, there is no reply. The room and the flat isn’t really that special, his words just changed my perspective and I think that’s very wrong of them but I guess that’s how they make their money. Fair do’s. So I told them, I need to find a replacement because I want to move in with my boyfriend, they said yes.

I found a replacement, I remember him staring at the poor friendly guy that wanted to take my room and I had a very bad feeling. A few days later, the contract was still not sent, then when it was sent the AGENT messaged me and said that the guy sent the details late and that he was being rejected, but of course, he sent everything the day after. The AGENTS were the ones playing around and being di*** if you asked me. Playing with potential and current customers are not good, especially in London.

I remember him saying that his company was amazing and that it was family based, they take very good care of their people lala but that was all just talk to get you, to pay top dollar, to live in a damn old bedroom with other people and having no contact with them.

Of course, there are amazing agencies out there that actually do make the effort. But come on. I don’t understand and what’s worse? WHY ARE THEY CLOSED DURING THE WEEKENDS? When people are free and can actually come and  sign the contract, take viewings and come to the agency office themselves?

I am in all sorts of stress finding a new replacement and this has just hit the tip of the iceberg. No more agencies, and no more extra charges and silly agency fees. It’s over!

Foggy headlights

I am at the stage now that I am not seeing what’s in front of me or what could be in front of me.

At a lost for ideas, words, unsure, uncertain about the future and my dreams. Currently living and surviving day by day, wondering what will be my next calling.

I recently resigned from my labor intensive and unsociable work and decided I’d like to take on a different path, try something new and save a little more. Not that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, but the fact that I was doing the same thing ever day, every week meant that my creativity was put on hold. It was lacking and it was getting tired of being locked up in Pandora’s secret box.

I am a Pastry chef, yes you heard. I didn’t classically train or go to college or take a course in Pastry. It just so happened that I was offered a trial and after one week I was asked to stay on and work in this ‘well known’ restaurant. I’m not going to be naming the restaurant because it may be unfair to my colleagues and what not, but let me tell you that it’s a Japanese fusion restaurant that is very famous all around the world.

I was cooped up for a long time working here, thinking and being in my comfort zone. I didn’t excel after a year and I decided that it was time to find something different, of course I love pastry and anything to do with food, but when you are making kilo’s of chocolate fondant mix, mixing and making the same dough’s, ice creams, or mousses, it got a bit repetitive.

I was craving, what is called; an adventure.

I needed a change in scenery and so do a lot of people that work here, but the problem is that there were a lot of me, meaning a lot of people left and/or wanting to leave but don’t quite have the balls to go somewhere else because A: they’re scared and B: they cannot leave their comfort zone and possibly C: because they knew they couldn’t make it elsewhere.

And now that I have quit and changed my life for the better, I am now stuck on choices of jobs. I recently had an internship at a bakery that is also well known and famous for their cakes and cupcakes, but the level that they were working at was a little bit too simple, and I felt like I was taking a few steps back rather than forwards. Now I have plans many plans, but I am in a rut, I’ve got to sell my room in London and also find a new job and possibly change lifestyle completely. My boyfriend, in the same shoes as me, he’s the backbone, every day telling me to relax and to enjoy life, because it’s the only one we have. He’s amazing, and at the same time, we are in a predicament, because we want to find a job together, work together but it doesn’t seem as easy as the idea sounds.

So how do we go about fixing this problem in  huge city like London? Well, there is only applying. Applying, applying, applying, calling, messaging, applying, asking, applying. You see how intense this gets, I know that London is where most people come and it’s abundant in jobs and great career changers, but sometimes looking outside from the centre of London, you can’t see past the extreme crowds, busy traffic, buildings every where and so called pollution on a daily basis.

Is it time to change city or country? Is it time to change jobs or paths? Or is it time to grab my invisible womanly balls and tell myself to be quiet and get on with life, stop moaning because everyone, well most people seem to be rocking the same boat as you.